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Location: Gilgit Baltistan

Darkot and Broghil Passes Trek – Ghizar
We start from Gilgit the administrative capital of Northern areas of Pakistan. From Gilgit we turn north for the Historic Darkot Pass. After Darkot we will walk for a few days along the Wakhan corridor with excursions of Broghil Pass on the Afghan border. Then we will enter Chitral, two days in Chitral with excursion of Kalash valley. From Chitral we will enter Swat valley. The trip will end in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan.

As our jeeps take us deep into valleys, we even leave the jeeps to walk through the mountains to feel their grandeur.


    Day Program Stay
    Day 1 Arrival to Rawalpindi/Islamabad Hotel
    Day 2 Drive to Chillas Hotel
    Day 3 Chillas to Karimabad Hunza Hotel
    Day 4 Free Day At Karimabad Hotel
    Day 5 Karimabad to Gilgit Hotel
    Day 6 Gilgit to Darkot Yasin Valley Hotel
    Day 7 Darkot Village – Darkot Pass Base Camp Camp
    Day 8 Over Darkot Pass to Chikar Camp
    Day 9 Excursion To Broghil Pass Camp
    Day 10 Chikar to Kanhhun Camp
    Day 11 Kankhun to Lasht-Sargoch Camp
    Day 12 Sargoch to Chitral Hotel
    Day 13  Chitral to  Kalash Valley Excursion Hotel
    Day 14 Chitral Lowari Pass to Swat Hotel
    Day 15 Upper Swat Valley Hotel
    Day 16 Swat to Peshawar Hotel
    Day 17 Peshawar to Khyber Pass & Peshawar Hotel
    Day 18 Peshawar To Islamabad Hotel
    Day 19  Departure From Pakistan Hotel
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