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Location: Gilgit baltistan & Chitral

Naltar Assumber Trek

Naltar a hidden spot in the mountain a barren gorge a aromatic view green Valley with pine and Deve-Dar trees presenting a scenic view of the region. For Trekkers walking through the shed of Pine trees to Naltar lake is an extra ordinary view along the Naltar river from the lake to Naltar Pass is green Meadows with snow capped peaks at height of 4900m to 5200m. The Naltar pass is an altitude of 4600m, The Valley from both sides. The Ishkomen Valley. THE (Veshighoon) of valleys represent its natural beauty over in the high passes and green lashed valleys rivers summer pastures, all the trek days takes time from 4-6 hour a day and about 8-13 Km a day.

    Day Program Stay
    Day 1 Arrival to Rawalpindi/Islamabad Hotel
    Day 2 Drive to Chillas Hotel
    Day 3 Chillas to Karimabad Hotel
    Day 4 Karimabad to Gilgit Hotel
    Day 5 Gilgit to Nalter Valley Camp
    Day 6 Naltar Valley Excursion Camp
    Day 7 Naltar Lake to Shani Pine Camp
    Day 8 Shani Pine to Naltar Pass Camp
    Day 9 Naltar Pass Camp
    Day 10 Khrubokht to Pakora Valley Camp
    Day 11 Pakora to Chillini via Asumbar Village Camp
    Day 12 Asumbar Village to Below Asumbar Pass Camp
    Day 13 Asumbar Pass 4400m to Shawran Lake Camp
    Day 14 Shawran Lake to Sandi Yasin Camp
    Day 15 Sandhi Yasin to Phundar Camp
    Day 16 Phundar to Mastuj Hotel
    Day 17 Mastuj to Chitral Hotel
    Day 18 Chitral to Bomboret Back to Chitral Hotel
    Day 19 Chitral to Peshawar Hotel
    Day 20 Peshawar to Islamabad Hotel
    Day 21 Islamabad Hotel
    Day 22 Departure from Pakistan Hotel
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