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Amongst one of the remotest part of the Karakurum is a unique mini- expedition of trekking and climbing. Climbing a peak of 6000 meters/19,800 feet will be a wonderful experience as you will be higher than the loftiest peaks of Western Europe. We drive to Shimshal, a far flung valley that has recently been connected by jeep track with the KKH. The area has all kinds of mountains and peaks, equally interesting for trekkers, novice climbers and experienced mountaineers.

From Shimshal Village it is a four day hike to the base camp of Minglik Sar, our selected peak for climbing. After climbing the peak, we start another adventure to cross three passes and arrive at the KKH, just south of Khunjerab Pass.

    Day Program Stay
    Day 1 Arrival to Rawalpindi/Islamabad Hotel
    Day 2 Drive to Chillas Hotel
    Day 3 Chillas to Karimabad Hotel
    Day 4 Drive to Shimshal Hotel
    Day 5 Trek to Furzin Camp
    Day 6 Trek to Arbab Parian Camp
    Day 7 Trek to Shuijerab Camp
    Day 8 Trek to Minglik Sar Base Camp Camp
    Day 9 Climbing Camp
    Day 10 Climbing Camp
    Day 11 Trek to Shwart Camp
    Day 12 Trek to Arbab Parian Camp
    Day 13 Trek to Maidur Camp
    Day 14 Trek to Shapodin Camp
    Day 15 Trek to Mandik Shalaq Camp
    Day 16 Trek Werbin Camp
    Day 17 Trek to Chafchingol Base Camp Camp
    Day 18 Rest day Camp
    Day 19 Cross Chafchingol Pass to KKH and drive to Sost Hotel
    Day 20 Drive to Karimabad Hunza Hotel
    Day 21 Drive to Besham Hotel
    Day 22 Drive to Islamabad Hotel
    Day 23 Drive to Airport for home bound flight
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